Jury Terms and Conditions

Jury Terms and Conditions


Thank you for choosing our Award Program, by the company Golden Tree Events Organizing & Managing with its registered office at Golden Tree Events Organizing & Managing registered office is based in Al Arabia 4U Business Centre, (“we”, “us”, “our”, “Organizer”).

These Jury Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) are an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of using our Platform. This Agreement is binding and between us and you, the users (“user” “you” “your” “Jury”) who register as a Jury through our website, media form, media channel, mobile website, and related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto (“hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Platform”).


2.1 You may register to become a Jury Member by filling out the Jury Registration Form (“Jury Registration Form”) available on the Platform. You shall provide all the required information on the Platform to successfully register as a Jury.

2.2 You accept and agree that the information provided on the Jury Registration Form is truthful and accurate and that you are solely responsible for the information provided therein (name, photo, experience, company name, address, CV, etc.).

2.3 After you submit the Jury Registration Form, we reserve the right to accept or decline your Jury registrations.

2.4 If we accept your Jury Registration Form, you shall become a member of our Jury Panel (“Jury Member”).


Silver Level Jury : Any Bachelor Degree with 10+ years of experience in the relevant industry
Gold Level Jury : Masters Degree or Bachelor degree with specialized course/certification and 15+ years of total experience


You shall have the following duties as a Jury member:

4.1 You agree and understand that you shall treat all nominees equally.

4.2 You as a Jury member agree and acknowledge that you shall judge the entries in a timely manner without any prejudice to any nominees.

4.3 You agree and acknowledge that rights and duties available to you as a Jury member are non-assignable and you shall not authorize to delegate any rights associated with the Award Program to anyone else. “Award Program” refers to any of our award programs organized by Golden Tree Events Organizing & Managing

4.4 You agree and acknowledge that you will not contact any nominees at any time to influence their chances of winning in any of the Award Programs.

4.5 You shall judge the Nominees as per the Judging Criteria published on the Platform or as updated and provided by us from time to time.

4.6 You agree not to collect any money, gifts, or monetary benefits from any of the nominees/partners/sponsors or anyone else using our Award Program or any of its associated brand names. In case of acceptance of any money, gifts, or monetary benefits you shall be solely responsible for the entire damage or legal action initiated by any third party.

4.7 We may update this Agreement and other Jury-related information on the Platform periodically and without notice, you shall regularly check the Platform for any updates and read and understand such updates.

4.8 It is important to understand that Money is not exchanged between the Jury and the organizer for any reason.


5.1 This terms and conditions as and when updated shall be applicable on you as long as you hold your Jury Membership. Any amendments to these terms and conditions is by explicit mention made a part of the original terms and conditions as and when done.

5.2 We may terminate your Jury Membership with us without any prior notice if we find any violation of this Agreement.

5.3 You may terminate or withdraw your Jury Membership with us by sending a two-month written notice to support@goldentreeawards.com.

5.4 On your withdrawal or termination of Jury Membership with us, all your information will be removed from our Platform and future references within a reasonable time.

5.5 You shall spend a minimum of 4 hours per year in the judging process as a Jury in any Award Program. In case of your nonactivity or involvement in any of the Jury duties for a minimum of 4 hours per year then we reserve the right to terminate your Jury Membership without prior notice and at our sole discretion.


It is agreed and understood by you that there is no employer-employee relationship between you and us. You agree that time spend undertaking duties as a Jury by you is purely at your leisure, with no compensation, wages, or salaries being paid for the same.


7.1 While being a Jury Member you may come across third-party intellectual property rights in the form of trademarks, brand names, logos, copyright, or other rights (“Intellectual Property Rights”) you agree that you are not authorized to use any of these third-party Intellectual Property Rights in any manner and on any platform or media.

7.2 You will be entitled to use, publish, and display your badge as a Jury, in Golden Tree Awards Program, and as provided by us to you on your profile, social media, website, and inside your office as a sign of honor.

7.3 You shall not take photos or screenshots from our Platform and utilize/ publish the same on your social media handles and other websites unless specifically permitted by us in writing. 


8.1 You agree and understand that the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify or qualify the winner or change the winning category or any other element of the winning or Award Program according to the award selection procedure and management decision and at the sole discretion of the Organizer.

8.2 The Organizer reserves the right to cancel your Jury Membership as part of any change in the process of the Award Program and may offer Jury Membership to a new Jury.

8.3 The Organizer shall not be at any time and under any circumstances held liable for any of your dissatisfaction with the Jury Membership or related rights and duties. The only right available to you shall be to terminate your Jury Membership with us. We shall not be liable to pay, and you shall not be entitled to claim any damages from us under any circumstance.

8.4 You agree and understand that the Organizer shall liability anytime and under any circumstances shall be limited to the following:

i. To offer you an opportunity to judge and evaluate nominees participating in any of the Award Programs and as per the applicable term and conditions and Jury Duties as and when published, and

ii. To provide you with Jury badges and Jury certificate, Invitation to Gala Event as per the availability.


9.1 You agree and understand that your profile including but not limited to your name and photo may be used by the Organizer in its promotional materials including but not limited to anywhere in the Platform, Award Program stage, during the gala ceremony, in partnership proposals, in media kits, in internal documents of the Organizer, etc.

9.2 By accepting this Agreement you hereby provide us your explicit consent to use your information as mentioned above and for the purposes mentioned above.

9.3 All your information shall be used, stored, and published by us as per our Privacy Policy, in its latest updated version.


10.1 The Organizer may offer complimentary benefits such as Jury badges, Jury certificates, and highlight your Jury profile on our Platforms. Such complimentary benefits shall be provided when decided by us and in whichever format we may decide.

10.2 Active Jury Members may receive the Jury trophy and invitation to attend the gala ceremony. This is subject to change without prior notice to you and as per the Award Program schedule, the details will be provided to you at the time of invitation.


As a Jury Member, you may get certain details about the Award Program or the process of the Award Program in advance, you shall not reveal such details to any third party without the explicit permission of the organizers. Process related to the selection of winners of an Award Program is a confidential and internal process. You are not allowed to reveal any data with respect to such process, winners of the Award Program, and other Award Program details such as including but not limited to, Jury decisions, statistics, competitor’s details, validation process, etc.


You agree that you have read and agreed on the terms above. By proceeding further, you will be legally and ethically bound, as an Award Program Jury Member, by this Agreement.


Please do contact us if you have any issues with our Jury membership terms and conditions or if you would like to contribute with further ideas and conditions to make this Agreement more efficient and more ethical or if you would need clarifications.

You may get in touch with us through our Platform or through email id support@goldentreeawards.com